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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the future. >> reporter: under the proposed plan up to seven stations are on the chopping block from bay shore to the north to college park in the south. service would be discontinued entirely from diridon station and gilroy. >> there's not a lot of public transportation to begin with. >> if they closed it down there wouldn't be a lot of ways for me to get to the airport. >> reporter: but with only 632 daily riders at last count, the santa clara station is also on the potential closure list. riders say convenience and near by stations are some of the key reasons they ride caltrain in the first place. >> for me it means i won't go to san francisco that often. not my friends and especially a job along the lines. i don't drive like many people. so, i rely on caltrain. >> reporter: public hearings
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into these changes will be held all this week. the first will get under way an hour from now. the caltrain board of directors expected to vote in april on what changes it will adopt. and allen when they do so those changes will take effect in the beginning of july. so how did caltrain get in such a tough spot. we're looking at the circumstances now forcing the agency to consider such big cuts. >> it's at the beginning of a death spiral. there's no question about it. >> reporter: just look at the numbers, in the past 10 years the cost of running the train system has gone up 52%. while ridership over all has gone up only 7%. >> we're getting a pretty crummy rate of return on that 52% of cost to run. >> reporter: take the bulk of its funding, actually comes
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from three different transit agencies. san francisco's nummi, sam tran and santa clara's vta. but now. >> those three agencies are in serious trouble. sam tran in particular. and they might not be able to make their contributions this year. >> reporter: if that happens, close to half of the service will be closed. for starters a decline in tax money but there's also rising employee cost. at over $29 an hour, san francisco's nummi drivers are the second best paid in the nation. down the peninsula, vta drivers are the third highest in the nation making over $28 an hour. and it goes all the way to the top as well. sam trans manager makes over $400,000 a year. and muni's general manager makes over 300,000. >> you have fringe benefits,
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pensions, medical care, what have you. >> reporter: another problem. >> borrowing from the future and all those bills are now coming due. >> reporter: put it together and you have caltrain facing a $30 million deficit which means more cuts in service, which will mean fewer riders and less riders down the line. >> that's a lousy way to do business and we have to find a better business model now. >> just about everyone expect for b.a.r.t. this year seems to be swimming in red ink. just remember golden gate bridge, they decided to eliminate their toll takers, their human ones and go electronic and save a couple of bucks. they might do the same thing next year. ac transit cutting back. all of this is based on this little thing we call taxes. those transit systems whether they are rail or bus were never set to make money or even break even. they were all made to be subsidized and now those
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subsidies are not there. and the costs keep going up and up and up. >> seems like the transportation models, they cut at the consumer level. they don't cut at the top. if they would start at the top and go down, i just think that you wouldn't be at this position at this point in time. >> it's an interesting thing. actually if we started cutting at the middle, because at the top and the bottom always seems to get attention. but if they would get it and make it more efficient i think it would help. and that's what they say about fixing the railway. other wise it's going to run right off the track. >> thank you very much. it relies on the page turners for its business. as more customers turn to the e book readers could be the end of the nation's bookstores. >> reporter: borders is in its
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own fight for survival after failing to adequately compete in the rapidly changing world of e books and small electronic devices like this that can now download just about any book you find in that building. the borders book in los cados is not your usual bookstore. it's a little more personal. >> it's not like a big store. no they take time to ask what you're looking for and if you need it for school. a lot of people come here for their books, so makes me a little sad. >> reporter: borders financial losses have been dropping as
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consumers turn the page on electronic book readers. and even the latest mobile phones now give readers instant access to thousands of titles. >> i read some of them. >> the kendell offers a ton of free books, like toy story or whatever are free. so usually i just download them and they are already there for me. i don't have to go out and buy it. >> we always say we're sliding down that razor blade line of survival. >> reporter: valerie lewis runs huckelbee. she hopes it will somehow come full circle again. >> it's a problem, because when they close down there's going to be less people selling books. i would love to have them replaced by independent book sellers that would be the best job. there is a part of me that is a
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little concerned on how it's going to affect them. nothing is every as simple as it looks. people are starting to wonder if independent bookstores are going to make a come back. a lot of other things you might not be able to get, your reading interests and things like that. borders in a lot of trouble, they lost $74 million last year. >> you know those who are loyal to the actual book and want to turn the pages, they're going to stay loyal to wanting to read an actual book. >> absolutely. a lot of people like the feel of a book. they like the idea that you can drop it and not have it crack up and have a thousand books somehow disappear. >> all at the same time. >> yeah.
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>> glen ramirez, sunny vale, thanks. 18 years ago people in equador sued exxon. they blamed exxon for contaminating a large swap of forest with oil. today an equadorian judge handed chevron that $8 million charge. chevron vows to fight the charges. and more and more homeowners are being disappointed. >> jillian doesn't take disaappointment sitting down. so when an appraiser valued yang's home at $20,000 less
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than he expected. the orthopedic surgeon made the comparisons. for this father of two, it's not just a matter of pride, based on the low appraisal, b of a won't let him take advantage of low interest rates and take advantage of low interests rates. lower than expected appraisals are common. >> they are just under pressure to be much more conservative because they took so much heat for inflating values at the top of the market. >> reporter: it's not just hurting those hoping to refinance. >> it's what's been killing deals.
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>> reporter: lisa tishner estimates one in seven home sales fall through because of appraisal problems. >> when you have an appraisal that doesn't come in at value. the immediate response is, the buyer say, i want to pay that lower number. >> reporter: so now some unhappy homeowners are fighting back. >> we're seeing a trend with homeowners and home buyers who get these low appraisals of them really getting assertive. >> reporter: like yang who estimates a refinance would save him $300 a month. there are two options, appeal the bank's decision and find an independent mortgage worker who makes a commission when successful. that's yang's next move. >> it's a frustration trying to get an appeal. i'm not trying to appeal a supreme court decision. >> reporter: b of a gives
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customers two months to appeal. and if you're going to appeal, compile different appraisals from around your neighborhood just like yang did. if you thought their salaries were shocking, wait till you see their e-mails. from the city of bell, some quotes you could not even make up. and coming up, shark soup. is it a delicacy or a damage to the environment?
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what is going to happen to all those feathers when it rains later on. >> last year wasn't there a problem? >> yes, the plaza fountain. >> the fountain, right. >> and looks like everybody is having fun. happy valentine's day. well, this is an interesting story. an attack on chinese culture or a push to protect sharks. two bay area lawmakers introduced the bill to ban the sale of shark fin. but not everyone is happy with the from powe sal. simon has the story. >> the remainer of the fish which is often still alive is
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thrown back into the ocean. mutilated no longer able to swim, sharks thrown over board then sink to the bottom of the ocean, drowning and then being eaten by other animals. >> reporter: so they've proposed a law that makes it illegal to possess fins in california. fong says he's sensitive to charges the ban is insensitive. >> i've grown up eating shark fin soup all the time. but i know it's time to remove from the menu. >> reporter: not good enough says state senator lelang yee. >> it was not too long ago if you happened to be chinese you could not go to a school
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outside of china town. worse yet you couldn't even attend a school whatsoever. find a better solution rather than something that takes away from our culture and heritage. >> this is shredded sharks fin. >> reporter: yee and the shark fin soup supporters say it's time to cut out throwing the sharks back into the ocean. the right way is by processing the entire shark not just the fin. >> wouldn't it lessen is demand therefor help the shark population. >> if we wanted to take that approach, then we ought to then ban the importation of you know any clothes that may be
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duplicated or counter fitted. any movies and any other products. >> really two distinct sides of the argument for this shark fin soup. defendsers defenders say this is a delicacy. and opponents say it's a threat to shark. and if you get rid of the sharks that's going to disrupt the whole ecosystem. >> so where are they going to go from here. >> i already know one legislator that's not going to vote for it that's senator yee. >> that's true. maybe they'll have some hearings in the meantime. a serial robber is in the lose in the east bay. police say there have been at least ten robberies in the past two months. the past seven of those have been in hayward and fremont. a man with a gun has hit shops in all of these locations. similar robberies reported in san leandro, oakland, berkeley, those are all in december and
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january. the target seems to be drugstores and sandwich shops. police say the suspect seems to be using the same mo. the robber goes into if store, buying a new items and then robs the clerk. the robber is armed but has only hit people with the gun. he always wears the same black baseball cap, has a red c on it. also has an oval birthmark on his cheek. according to the website neighborhood, the villa area is the number one place for stolen cars. if you park your car there, there'll be a one in seven
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chance it won't be there when you come back. the area around cabrillo road in san jose that neighborhood came in number eight. let's check in, roberta is in the weather center. >> impressive amount of rainfall today. over an inch was accumulated while other areas had barely a trace. we saw livermore just wetting the sidewalks that's about it. other wise we have a wetter system, with gusts coming this way and more snow for the tahoe area. currently we have 72-degree, light snowfalling on the south and north shores. all the way down to lake level, about 6,200 feet. big time snow is coming for tomorrow. rainfall totals, over an inch in sonoma. barely just about an inch in san rafael.
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3/4 of an inch in el cerrito. and .72-inch in vacaville. plenty of cloud cover tonight in the 40s to the low 50s. tomorrow now that this system has passed us. we have another system coming in. looks like it wants to stall off for the morning commute. so with several hours of moderate rainfall we could see some hydroproblems with hydroplaning on the freeway. you're going to see this system slide in the southerly direction. you see that heaviest rainfall coming just in time for the evening commute. tomorrow's daytime high in the 50s to the low 60s if -r the big story. we will have the heaviest rain for the evening commute. a chance of scattered showers throughout our wednesday with snow level down at 3,500 feet. and in and out of the rain
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through saturday. we'll break this up for you later in the newscast. >> and we'll be right back. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it
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valentine's day. in san francisco -- dozens of the battle over same-sex marriage taking center stage this valentine's day. in san francisco, dozens of gay marriage supporters attended a sit in at city hall. by noon about ten same-sex couples were lined up to apply for marriage licenses. many say although they know they can't legally get one, they are not giving up the fight. >> every valentine's day that we've been together has been spent at city hall applies for a marriage license we've been turn down for. but at the same time, it's not so tough because we know that in the end, we're on the right side. >> we're here to stand up for love by sitting down at the
6:24 pm
marriage counter. and hoping that love and equality will be the law again in california and around the nation. >> similar demonstrations were held at clerk offices around the state including in sacramento and yolo county. in a poll released just an hour ago shows more than 50% of californians see the legalization of gay marriage on the horizon. 28% tell survey usa they think it's going to happen in five years or less. 22% say one year. 7% say six months, 32% say never. 40% support same-sex marriages while 30% approve of civil unions for gay couples. 37% say gay couples shouldn't get any legal recognition. about half that responded say their opinion about gay marriage has changed over time. skeletal remains are being dug up but they are not part of a crime scene. this month archaeologists unearth nine sets of indian
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remains across from the alameda county fairgrounds. safeway temporarily halted construction while a cultural resource management firm surveys that burial ground. these latest remains might be buried at another site or reburied in the same area where they will not be disturbed. alonies lived in the bay area as far back as 12,000 years ago. the follow is a quote. l.o.l., you can take your piece of the pie. we will all be back together. and what could have brought on that quote? a bell county lawmaker. what the president wants to cut and the big ticket items that he is leaving alone. and after the 18 day
6:26 pm
revolution in egypt, more protests in the middle east. what happened when people hit the streets in iran. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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administrators who made big e-mails seem to be coming back to haunt some of the top
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administrators who made big money working for the southern california city of bell. dave lopez shows us the exchange filed in court that jokes about acting like pigs when it comes to their pay. >> reporter: robert rizo the indicted one time bell city manager. his one time assistant angela spasio also indicted and the two $100,000 a year council members will appear before court. it was the d.a. outlines the case against those defendant, e-mail exchange between the then police chief randy adams and mrs. spasia is made public. adams wrote in this e-mail quote, i am looking forward to seeing you and taking all of bell's money. okay, just a share of it. to which spasia, riddles
6:30 pm
assistant responds. l.o.l., well you can take your share of the pie just like us. we will all get fat together. bob meaning rizo has an expression he likes to use on occasion. pigs get fat, hogs get slaughters. so long as we're not hogs we'll all be well. rizo faces 50 years if convicted on political charges. spasia faces up to 12 years. adams was never indicted and i asked again today why not. and the simple response was, because we can't prove he took any of the money illegally. the preliminary hearing for rizo is due to begin later this week but more than likely because of the schedules will not get started until the following week. >> dave lopez tonight. lawmakers on both side of the aisle bashing the president's new budget plan. the budget includes major cuts to programs across the board. >> reporter: monday's special
6:31 pm
delivery on capitol hill was president obama's $3.4 trillion budget. republicans ripped into for spending, and borrowing too much. the president was pitching his plan in a baltimore area classroom. the president is predicting a $1.65 trillion deficit this year. and more than a trillion in red ink in 2012. those numbers include an $80 billion cut at the pentagon and reductions at other city agencies. >> even though we cut out things we can afford to do without. we have an obligation to invest in those areas that will have our biggest impact in our future. >> reporter: republicans want much deeper reductions but the biggest question is where to make those cuts.
6:32 pm
>> i borrow my own bank because we don't have the budget in our classroom. >> reporter: so cutting more for you would be -- >> it would be ludacris. >> reporter: both sides agree painful cuts are needed to get the budget back on track but with no agreement on what to cut, capitol hill budget battles are likely to last for months. joel brown, cbs news, washington. breaking news on the peninsula. these are fire crews that are mopping up after a two alarm fire. this was at a board and care home in east palo alto just off of 101. live pictures of chopper 5 showing up the aftermath now. crews able to contain the flames to just one home. everybody inside is safe. they were able the get out. we're told though that that home is a total loss. but again, this is an east palo alto a board and care facility.
6:33 pm
well, the revolution in egypt has its fueling unrest in the middle east. >> violent protesters broke out in iran today. the biggest scene there in a year. demonstrators marched through tear gas and chanted death to the dictator. and back in cairo, protests are still going strong but sandra hughes reports the players have changed. >> reporter: in cairo, the police are now the ones protesting. officers in uniform and plain clothes hit the streets demanding better pay and benefits. and the police aren't alone. the state employees, ambulance and transport workers have continued to strike. but the military has aparticipantly had enough. an army spokesman went on the air calling for an end to the strike but would not say what would happen if they continue. the latest demonstrations are small compared to the 18 day uprising that led to the
6:34 pm
resignation of president mubarak. and that resignation continues to bring unrest across the middle east. in tehran, protesters are on the street. >> we support the universal human rights of the iranian people. they deserve to have the same rights that they saw being played out in egypt. >> reporter: life in cairo is returning to normal. traffic is flowing again and shops are reopening. but the future of the government is unclear. right now the military is in charge but leaders say they will relinquish control when presidential elections are held. sandra hughes, cbs news. we know why people rob
6:35 pm
banks, but how about the cold beverage part of the convenience store? the new trend in california. tiger woods losing the tournament then gets fined. we will show you why. i'm dennis ayala, one of the four men to go to every super bowl passes away, and he was a packers fan, that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new report. some of those drinks contain triple the daily amount of caffeine that doctors recommend energy drinks could be dangerous, even deadly. some of the drinks contain triple the at of caffeine doctors recommend for teenagers and adults. that much caffeine can cause seizures. >> feeling jittery, your heart is starting to rate. upwards to your heart not pumping properly. potentially becoming unconscious from that. >> the american association of poison control centers says more than 250 cases of overdoses or side effects have
6:38 pm
been reported this year alone. beverage industry groups are defending the beverages. some california stores are having a hard time keeping one particular energy drink in the stores. that's because people are stealing it. the motive behind the red bull thefts. >> reporter: glendale police report a series of what they are calling brazen commercial robberies, of red bull by the case. >> our victims are stores like ralph's, john's market. and smart and final. because it's so popular if stolen can easily be pawned in the black market and sold. they go from 18 to $20 a case when sold after being stolen. >> reporter: authorities say surveillance videos similar to this helped them nab two suspects. the glendale police want you to look closely at this suspect who got away with three cases
6:39 pm
of red bull at the smart in glendale. >> the small mom and pop convenience stores, they find a greater profit market buying it from these people rather than buying it from their wholesalers. >> reporter: red bull thefts in the past few months have cost the company more than $10,000. >> we think that wherever possible, it's to our benefit to provide them with license plate numbers, with video tape footage and so we're doing that wherever we can. >> reporter: we all know eating fiber is good for your health. it's supposed to keep you regular. but a new report reveals fiber does far more than that. it may contain chemicals that protect your body. >> reporter: dr. metrovich
6:40 pm
follows the case diet. that means lots of vegetables, that means lots of fiber. now a new medical report in the archive of internal medicine finds there's a lot of love about fiber. people who took in regular fiber had less chances to die from respiratory diseases. chemicals found in fiber can protect the body. >> that means just a simple change in your body so that you're eating more fruits and vegetables can lower your risk of dying by 20%.
6:41 pm
i cannot tell you what medicine can give you that. >> it's really good, when it's needed. it's really bad when it's activated and >> reporter: so add some greens and fiber to your plate tonight. after the break, it's love in the tank. the penguin tank. the weather is really tanking now because we have heavier rain and gustier winds heading this way. the commute it will affect on your tuesday as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,
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and invest in new technologies. because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. long at chocolate stores across the bay area.. this is what it looked like at the see's candies on mar as you might expect the lines are pretty long at the chocolate stores across the bay area. employees say today is their busiest day of the year. according to the national retail federation the average person will shell out more than $116 on loved ones. that's up 12% from last year. animal lovers showed some
6:45 pm
love to birds in san francisco today. visitors at san francisco's california academy of sciences encouraged to decorate a valentine for an african penguin. the penguins get those cards and they waddle them back to the nest and use them as nesting material. but in some cases the penguins give it to their mate as a sign of their love. >> they didn't even have to go to the store. >> i saw the one with the umbrella. he listened to his weather forecast right here on cbs5. we had over an inch of rain accumulate. barely a race around san jose and also in livermore. let's call in our live high doppler radar. i haven't been able to drive this for 15 days so excuse me if i'm a little excited here. light rain showers.
6:46 pm
okay now dry to the eastern portion of our district. there you have rain showers around highway 14 also stretching from oakland to san leandro but the bulk of the active to the north of the bay where we see heavy precipitation right now. but this is nothing, we have plenty of precipitation coming up for our tuesday. sonoma now approaching 1.25 of rainfall. san mateo .3. lots of people going out. very important because of valentine's evening. going out for dinner. and carry that umbrella, a stray shower is certainly possible. overnight tonight with the blanket of clouds, southeast winds five to 20 miles per hour. and this one impresses me, it's got a lot of precipitation
6:47 pm
aassociated associated with it. right now the timing, looks like it's going to be sitting around the north bay. the north bay with heavy rain and gusty winds in the morning hours then it will affect the evening commute adversely. so the evening commute for the most part everyone will be on the dry side. here's your pinpoint forecast and notice as we approach tuesday morning. the range sits across the northern portion of our bay area stalls out for the most part. that means we could see localized flooding in urban areas so we will watch for some advisories. there's the ban for that evening commute. tomorrow's highs 50 to 60 degrees but again very gusty winds adding to the chill in the air. once this system passes, a shot of cold air moves wednesday. snow levels down to 1,200 feet through our wednesday. allen, he was out running today. not that allen.
6:48 pm
it was a different allen. >> oh, i was. >> and quintara was at oakland and alameda area. he captured this rainbow. keep those photos coming at >> thank you, ma'am. well it is the ultimate battle. man versus machine in a game of jeopardy. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11 on cbs5. turns out even a machine can give a wrong answer. another tiger apology. we'll show you why. i'm dennis o'donald and the hollywood script that played out at the pga, next. ,,,,,,
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bob cook, one of the four men to never missed a super bowl passed away today in wisconsin... " bob cook one of the four men to have never missed the super bowl passed away today in wisconsin. >> six is my magic number. >> cook came up five short, a tie hard packers fan he never made it to the super bowl xlv earlier this month in dallas because of his declining health. according to his wife, he had his bags packed but decided at the last minute not to go. san francisco resident larry jacobson is now one of the three remaining members of the
6:52 pm
extremely close fraternity. >> bob got a tattoo, has a big giant green bay logo on his arm. he did that back in last june. and his wife said, i'm really angry about it. and bob goes like this. she says but not why you think. we said why. because he has highly limitations on his driver's license and he disobeyed those limitations to get to the tattoo parlor. that's why i'm upset about it. >> and woodson spent the last two seasons of his career as a safety in oakland. in 2003, he had eight interceptions and helped lead his team to the super bowl. it's not getting any better for tiger woods. he's gone 17 tournaments without a win. that's the longest drought since he turned pro. today woods was fined by the
6:53 pm
european tour after spitting on the 12th green yesterday. ulen murray let tiger woods have it. >> people coming up behind him and it's just, spit all over the green. there's some parts of it. just arrogant. somebody now has to come on this green behind him and maybe walk over his spit. it doesn't get much lower than that. >> reporter: the tour would not say how much this would cost tiger but the bad pr is worse than the penalty. tiger apologized on twitter. just wasn't thinking and wanted to say i'm sorry. >> this unknown comes out of nowhere, to lead the pack. it's in the hole. >> it is in the hole. 30 years after carl stagler won the masters in caddy shack,
6:54 pm
bill murray had a real life cinderella story. points and murray won the pga. murray's antics helped the golfer keep his cool. >> at 17th and 18th we were buying ice cream bars. everybody all week kept saying you have the short end of the stick playing with murray and i never felt that way. >> it's not like the tennis player that got stabbed. monica selis, i thought that was the come back of the year myself. i won small time things, nothing that i could cash in at a pawnshop. >> the warriors beat the thunder by six points last night. the big difference came in the rebounding department. they have 14 more rebounds than oklahoma city. 18 more offensive rebounds. a great night for a team that
6:55 pm
ranked just 21st in the nba in rebounds. why am i saying rebounds, it just seems to be keith smart's new montra. >> if i want ice cream, i can't go to the spaghetti factory. if you want to rebound, you have to rebound. you can't go to the rebounder. so, if you want to rebound you rebound. you know i don't think you can tell a guy every time to go rebound. you know do your job. some of them have bounces i guess for the rebound. and we have to put on the contract on the wall. >> he had to have a bonus every time he said rebound. if you're seating surf and turf here is what you missed. moore all alone, that's an easy dunk, right. what's the deal? what's the deal with the dunk. here is how one guy gets it done. josh smith, didn't quite do it
6:56 pm
from the foul line. but they beat atlanta. this is the shot of the tournament, d.a. points on 14th put him in the lead. isn't that a beauty. chess bump, almost. in dubai alvaro tops the key hole with a hole in one that came after a triple bogey. wayne rudy unleashes the kick that would make freddy mcmurray proud. helped kick manu off man city. he did that a few times that i remember seeing, one or twice but that was spectacular. but points and murray the story of the weekend. >> thanks for joining us, we're coming back at 10:00 and 11:00. >> i have to go get popcorn. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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there are 8 million of us. the bay area is the sixth larger area in the united states. so many people. so much traffic, so many buildings. so much suburban sprawl. and yet in the middle of all that, there are still places like this. welcome to eye on the bay.
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i'm ju


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